Stop Recession Induced Fear

We are not alone in this world; we have parents, family, elders and yes, we have the Lord on our side! “You Are Not Alone”

By Raul Dinzey 

Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed Therapist the information below is for inspiration only.


Recession induced fear is real, the news are reporting frequently about workers being laid off and then, we are receiving reports from the Federal Bank that the prime lending interest rate is rising and the unknown looms in the near future. 

So what! How many of you can sincerely say that they haven’t been affected by fear, anxiety or worrying in their life?  If not, good, this is for you. If yes, good this is for you too. 

We go through life from moment to moment and live the best way we know how. The moments which define us are when … We dare to rely on a greater power while pursuing goals, driven by faith and sheer confidence that no matter how bad it is, or no matter how bad it gets, I am going to make it. Our positive self talk as well as our belief that good things are supposed to happen to me. I am blessed and grateful for everything.

We are all different and develop emotionally at a different rate. We accept disappointment as an opportunity to adapt to a new environment and to learn new ways to get things done. Life doesn’t get easier,  we just learn from our mistakes and to keep moving forward. This blog post will address fear and how to overcome it. Let’s go.

Fear Anxiety Worrying and Paranoia Defined

  • Fear is an emotion that is triggered by the perception of danger whether it is real, or imagined.
  • Anxiety is intense, persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. It manifests itself in symptoms such as a fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating and feeling tired.
  • Worrying refers to the thoughts, images, emotions and actions of a negative nature in a repetitive uncontrollable manner that results in cognitive risk analysis made to avoid or solve anticipated threats and potential consequences. and paranoia. 

1. Empower Your Mindset Faith Mindset

Two points to ponder: The Faith Based and the Positive Mental Attitude 

Faith Based

  • The most important concept to learn is that God is with us, God is for us and God is helping us. 
  • Prayer changes things, the deeper your prayer life, the stronger you are. 
  • Read the following out loud: (repeat it often) “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.
  • The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is my strength in Him, I will abide.

Positive Mental Attitude 

  • What you allow into your mind before going to sleep will impact your day tomorrow.
  • Seize the power of Auto suggesting: I deserve to have good things happen to me! I am not defined by my current situation. My future is so bright, I need sunglasses. Everyday in every way, my life is getting better. I am good worthwhile and important. I am grateful for my life, health, I am moving forward in a positive way.
  • As a child I was troubled by the same bad dream that I was falling from a mountain or a tree or the top of the house. it came in different variations but with the same frightening end and I would awaken full of sweat. It wasn’t until I started praying and reading the word of God that those terrible dreams disappeared. Now as an adult, I realize that I watched Television as a child and those adult horror movies were impacting me.
  • Note : I recommend that you shield your mind from anxiety and fear from television shows, movies, books, podcast and other sources. Feed your mind with Positive Mental Attitude.

The top 3 lessons learned about fear, anxiety and worrying from the last recession are:

– If you pray for rain and you don’t have an umbrella, you aren’t ready for your blessing. On the Sermon on the Mount, you can find one key text found in Matthew chapter 7, verse as follows 7: Ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you; for everyone who asks, it shall be given, he who seeks shall find; and he that knocks it shall be opened.

– What you think about the most is what you feed. When you dwell on words of power, strength and faith, you are victorious daily. heck out 3 months of bank statements to see where your money is going.

– Stash as much cash as you can because you don’t know how long the recession will last. Manage your spending choices.

Game Plan

2. Facing and Overcoming Fear – Be Proactive

  • Be prepared  -Update your Resume and add your most recent accomplishments.
  • Network – Stay in touch with your circle of influence. 
  • Go Digital- Update your LinkedIn profile, upload a professional picture. 
  • Do your Research- One hour daily, check out who is hiring. 
  • Get busy – Contact Recruiters online to stay informed about hiring and layoffs in your area of expertise. 
  • Self – Development – Learn something new. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill.

Jobs Affected During Last Recession

Other Factors

  • Construction
  • Assembler
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Sales Representative
  • Middle Manager
  • Automotive Technician 
  • Hispanic and African Americans subject to Disparate Treatment affected more than other workers 
  • Location of job opportunities 
  • Salary May decrease at the new job

3. Take action

Take massive calculated action. Be intentional. Stay focused on your goals.

More positive autosuggestion: You are enough! You have a lot to offer! You were born to win! Daily focus on what is working. What have I done, today to improve my business?

In Closing

What ever thought you dwell on is the one that will move towards your goals or away from your goals. Positive Affirmations Will empower you and move you once you are clear on what you want. Be a heat seeking missile locked on to your goals, dreams and desires. Life will test your resolve daily. Be intentional. One lesson I learned during the last recession was… In spite of what I thought was a good plan based on fact finding and over a year of preparation, the expenses wiped out a nearly six figure savings in 3 years. Scorched earth works well when resources are limited and when you start over in an unfamiliar location. Make new friends get uncomfortable if you want to be happy in the long term. If you do today what other people won’t do, you will be able to do things tomorrow what others can’t do.

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