How To Buy Back Your Freedom

This is dedicated to those of us who get up, go to work day after day and grind out our work. There are options, and choices we can make to break the cycle of working for 40 years, only to enjoy a few years of the leisure of retirement prior to passing away,

Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed Financial Planner. This is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a Licensed professional for advice.


We are all born with free will. Somehow we learn or develop our own relationship with money. We either choose to become spenders or savers. Also we are educated to either become entrepreneurs or employees. However we are scripted, we have free will to live our lives on our terms. According to Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad “90 percent of the people in the US are employees or self employed and only make/or earn 10 percent of the money, while 10 percent of people earn 90 percent of the money, these are investors (their money works for them) and business owners who have a business that works without them.” See the table below:

We are free to make our own choices, to either work for ourselves or someone else. Is it possible that people can become slaves to money? How does a person become a slave to money? How does lack of money cause fear and anxiety in a person? Are you fearful or anxious because of lack of money? Once a person gets a job can greed cause the person to want to make more money? Is the concept of “job security” a lie? If so, why? We get up , go to work, get paid, pay bills and do it over and over for 40 years.

Why do you desire to have money? Does it bring you joy to have money to buy the things you want and to pay your bills? If you accumulate enough money in investments, so that your money starts paying you dividends so that it pays all your bills and expenses. don’t have to work for 40 years, wouldn’t you want to enjoy a few more years of freedom instead of waiting until you are 65 or older to retire? If you are saying yes to yourself, then, “Let’s Buy Back Our Freedom!”

Let’s Begin With The End in Mind – Let’s Talk About What Motivates You:

Let’s think about what happens to our body after a restful vacation, or a long weekend, do you feel great? Now let’s think about how many days does it take for your job, your profession or your business start to wear you out again? Can you see yourself not waiting for the weekend, because you are free!

Which Opportunities Does Freedom Create For You? How do you envision your daily life when you no longer need money to pay your bills and meet your needs? Who can you help?Where do you want to volunteer or donate your time and resources?

PERSONAL LIST (Write Your Own List)

To own, cultivate and enjoy life on my terms. To provide for your home, family, church and community. To serve the Lord, provide a helping hand to causes which feed, clothe and provide housing for people in need. To Travel and conduct one Maranatha Mission trip. To establish and oversee a non-profit. To establish a healthcare staffing Agency.Develop and cultivate skills to grow a small to medium sized garden, grow vegetables and small fruit.


  • I deserve prosperity of all kinds.
  • I am enough I deserve all money that I can earn.
  • I deserve to have good things happen to me. 
  • Each day I get closer to financial Independence. 
  • I am in charge of my spending decisions.
  • I can, I shall, I will pay off all debts in 3 years.


  • Passive Income: Is your one and only goal.To own your life, your time freedom and money freedom means that the lack of money and the it takes to earn your money is no longer a factor. You, me, we need to make money while you sleep.
  • Clearly Written goal: I need 25 years of living expenses x 2% (inflation rate) 12 (months).now you know your own number.
  • What is your net worth? Let’s get It! Let’s Buy Back Our Freedom!

Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth

Roadmap similar to Dave Ramsey’s “Baby Step Formula:”

  1. Establish Emergency Fund $3,000.
  2. Payoff all your credit card debt. Get out of credit card debt ASAP.
  3. Save 3 – 6 months, and then 12 months.Life is unpredictable and difficult. 
  4. Invest a minimum of 15 percent (and as much as you can) of your income.
  5. Save for college for your children.
  6. Payoff your house.
  7. Build wealth and give.


Life is short and unpredictable, if you knew that you could create other income streams, so that you can buy back your freedom, wouldn’t you want to at least try? There are many sources available thanks to the internet. I challenge you to try something new. Get a side hustle. Stash your cash, make money work for you. By maxing your contributions to your IRA, 401K, 457 Plan, SEP IRA. Let’s Go! Let’s get it! Let’s Buy Back Our Freedom!


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