Let’s Get A Job – Let’s Get This Money

By Raul Dinzey 

You were created to do great things. You Are a walking miracle! You are worthy!  You were born to win!


  • The recession appears to be upon us.There are peaks and valleys in the business cycles and we can’t help what happens, how we handle it is what matters.
  • As employers reduce payroll numbers to cut expenses and “ Batten Down The Hatches!” What a nice way to say “ Get Ready! Bad stuff is coming!” They will need temporary staff, temp – to – perm help and short term assignments.
  • Be ready so you don’t have to get ready. No you don’t deserve it. But, things happen.
  • Bad things happen to good people every day! Let it go! Good vibes, stay positive!

Personal Struggle

I have walked into an interview feeling confident about myself and my strengths only to get hit with the questions and scenarios that I have outlined in this article. I have left the interview feeling underwhelmed and uncertain. Believe me I know it can be tough marketing your skills, at the end of the day, you can do it! You will be okay!

Let’s Start With The End in Mind 

  • What brings you joy and what are your top 3 motivators?
  • Have your 30 second Elevator Speech ready.
  • Be ready for this question…Why should I hire you?
  • Also be confident when you answer… What are you most proud of and least proud of?
  • How have you added value to your last employer?

Priorities – Challenges

  • Be resilient, stay positive, project enthusiasm and stay motivated.
  • Master the ability to market your skills, to convey your worth.
  • Change your narrative, you add value to each individual you connect with. You provide positive input, provide endless energy and complete each task in a professional manner. People are glad they spoke with me.
  • Master the process, networking with your inner circle, tapping into www.linkedIn.com.
  • Master responding to Job ads, following up, interviewing skills, sending out thank you cards.
  • Check out the website of the position and company.
    • Know the Company’s Mission;
    • Vision;
    • Values;
    • Customers; and 
    • Competitors.


  • To follow up on a job you have submitted an online application: Use this in an Email, on a Telephone Call or in person: 
  • Dear Sirs, Hi, this is Rad, I am following up on an application I submitted on November 9, 2022, for the position of an Operations Specialist. Is it still available? Has the position been field? Thank you so much in advance.

STAR Method of Storytelling 

  • Have 3 stories using STAR = Situation Task Actions Results. Tell me about a situation where you had a problem, What were your actions and what was the outcome?
  • Situation: While serving as an HR Supervisor, in a large work center with over 400 staff members was faced with a situation. 
  • Task: The Senior Executive Officer overseeing the operations of the work center that I was a member of communicated a desire to standardize how we onboarded and integrated new Action Officers.
  • Actions: I immediately started writing a list of all the required activities to successfully onboarding new team members. I created a checklist and an information guide to establish as a functional process. I passed this information to my direct supervisor and once it was approved, 
  • Results: was established as a functional onboarding checklist which was used for over 2 years until my departure from the position.

When you Become Unemployed or Underemployed – What Do You Do?

  • My last time I was unemployed. So what did I do? I did what I knew how to do.I knew how to source opportunities, respond to job ads, place my résumé on the job boards, I knew had to cold call, I knew how to make a connection with people, and I knew how to make things happen. What happened? 
  • So what happened? Here I am over seven years of recruiting experience sourcing talent placing talent in full-time part-time and temporary opportunities. I knew how to select talent, I knew how to create training and I knew how to manage program and people. 
  • What did I do? I found myself sterilizing my resume, by sterilizing I mean changing the verbiage instead of a program manager I became a program specialist instead of a manager. I put supervisor instead of all the other I watered it down calm. I watered down my resume in order to be marketable to a market that was really bad.


  • Create an action plan which involves full-time activity searching for career opportunities and business opportunities.
  • Secure a stream of income to cover household expenses, and basic needs.
  • Adapt to a new environment with less resources and opportunities than my previous location.
  • Practice gives you confidence and peace of mind!  You are awesome! Let’s get this money!


This article was written for anyone who is looking to level up their career, or to secure employment. Remember you deserve it, go after it. Prepare yourself and stay positive. You can do it!


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