Happy Veterans Day!

This is for all of us who have served or are currently serving in the military. You deserve all the blessings and all the love your heart can hold! I salute you and thank for all your sacrifice and hardship you have endured in defense of this great nation! Thank you and Godspeed!

Letting Go of The Drill Sergeant (Mindset) and Master Sergeant (Micro Manager) and Transitioning to a Regular Person


  • For all the roles we perform in our adult lives, add Military Service Members. We serve as Leaders and Trainers and  change Agents.
  • As a military service member you are expected to be professional, physically fit, have high moral characteristics, possess integrity and when you get home to your family. 
  • The up-tempo high stress environment has no rival and is closely followed by Law Enforcement, FireFighters and Emergency Medical Services. How do you turn off those behaviors that you demonstrate as a military service member?
  • Being a parent is perhaps the most challenging and important responsibility you will have in your life.
  • When we leave the military, we don’t stop being a A-Plus, “Gung Ho” get-her-done personality automatically. The expectations you have for your children for them to strive for excellence. 
  • Communicating those expectations becomes more polished as you age, read good books, prayer and faith. 
  • Changing our military programming takes time, therapy with a counselor for over a year. Your family needs you to be just, kind, reasonable, kind, loving and reliable.
  • The training program is easy to learn to fight and fit to win, to work together as a team.
  • Each military service member has been tested and proven his/or her proficiency in the common core skills as well as proficiency in a military occupation, undergoes quarterly drug testing, Semi Annual Physical Fitness test and Semi Annual Weapons Qualification. Yes all the above and more! It has been an honor to serve gland to make a difference! I am grateful to have served!

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