This is dedicated to everyone standing in the breach for our family, facing challenges as we live and learn, and are going through the challenges that often knock us down and help us grow.

Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed Counselor. This is for educational purposes only.Please consult with a Licensed professional for advice.

What Are the Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Reach Their Potential? It’s because of the following:

  • Quit at the first chance of adversity or when they get outside of their comfort zone (when the going gets tough).
  • Fear – Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived danger or threat. Fear of failure, or humiliation from others. Fear of what others will say or do.
  • Doubt also rooted in fear.
  • Lack Self – Confidence .
  • Fear about what other people will say, think or do.

Note: Excuses are rooted in fear. You have heard them. Some examples are, I can’t afford it, it’s too hard…These are Excuses. Free your mind and get out of your own way!

Short Story “When the tough gets going Quitting is not an Option” 

When I joined the Army, around ten percent of my peers who could not take the structure of getting up at 4:00 in the morning, having to make their bed, shave, getting dressed and being at the right place at the right time, properly dressed and to undergo scrutiny and being corrected when they were wrong. Some lacked the personal discipline and intestinal fortitude to rise above the circumstances. And to take the physical and psychological rigor of becoming a Soldier and their reactions was to quit, to give up, to hurt their bodies to be able to be discharged from the Army. For them, they couldn’t see beyond today. Each one of them who quit used words like… I can’t take it. I’m going home. For a large majority of the class, there was no quitting. It was graduate, or die trying. When you think about it, in life , you can’t win a victory without a struggle and the biggest enemy is inside our heads. The challenge is to dig deep within ourselves and to find your reasons to overcome! So I say to you, to get out of your own way!

Special Thanks To Fathers and Mothers (Nature and Nurture)

To quote Madea, “Mamma didn’t raise no Punk!”

I want to acknowledge and thank the Lord for a strong and Self Determined Father and Mother. Our parents did the best they could with what they had. They showed us by their example to work hard, keep a roof over our heads, food in our tummies, nice clothes to wear and how to praise the Lord. They taught us to respect ourselves, authority and to do our best. To be accountable for our actions and to deal with the consequences.

Keep Your Child Like Curiosity

  • How beautiful it is to discover something new!
  • How many of us like to have fun? We don’t know what we don’t know! If we haven’t seen it, read about it, or haven’t been taught, well we don’t know. 
  • Ignorance can be bliss, until we discover something we didn’t know or have. 
  • Our parents spend their waking hours keeping us entertained, Fed, clothed and most importantly safe. No Johnny, don’t touch that.
    • The child touched it anyway and wow. The glass of water falls on the floor, breaks and the shock scares the child. Fear is introduced to the child’s life. “If you touch that glass, you might drop it, and it might break. 
    • Teaching children to be careful is a good thing, because we want our children to be happy healthy and safe. 
    • How much is too hovering is too much?
  • Remember the first time you had pizza? Yes! It was delicious wasn’t it?
  • The language and currency of children is to play and to have fun. 
  • The language of adults goes through ages, stages and phases.
  • That is until we dare to go on short expeditions outside of our daily exposed to.
  • The curiosity of children is wonderful isn’t it? The endless quest to discover our environment and fun things to do is the best experience finding out things are, what they do and how to use them. 
  • New things can give us a sense of joy that has been the conduit which has led to most of my education and skill building.

Self Love Self Care

  • Look in the mirror and tell the person in the mirror…I am grateful! I am loved! I am more than enough! I deserve to have good things happen to you!
  • Take a deep breath and own it. I was born to win! I am endowed with the seeds of greatness!
  • I love myself unconditionally!
  • Rest your body and your mind. When our mind is rested we are able to profuse  our best work.
  • Excercise 30 minutes daily 
  • Proper hydration with enough water for your body weight will give you energy, keep your skin healthy and all your body’s systems(cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and all others) working their best.
  • Seek to live in peace, in harmony with yourself, your family, coworkers and everyone who you meet.
  • Prayer, self reflection, self development and self love just as important as food is to your body.

Negativity and Weeds  Weeds Grow On Their Own

Weeds like negative thoughts do not need anyone to plant them or even water them so that they grow. Have you noticed how many types of weeds grow throughout nature? Prayer and faith will help you to overcome.


I had the most bizarre dream. 

This dream has caused me to reflect so much about my life that my state of mind is what my financial situation is, what is going out with my career and what drives me. 

So in this dream somehow I was kidnapped held captive along with a group of others and we were sitting there in this room in this situation doing whatever people do when they’re in captivity. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t motivated to leave, didn’t even try. 

So in this dream I later became aware that in my left pocket and right pocket I had firearms (the means) where I could have fought my way to my freedom. Dare to fight for your freedom. But instead I was just there. I would sleep touching my firearm which was loaded and somehow because I didn’t personally feel threatened and accepted it’s Okay. Imagine that, being held down by other people and thinking it’s okay because I chose to lil my inner warrior, my sense of strength and self determination. How many of us have “checked our brain at the door of our jobs?”

And after a long time we were rescued. A well organized and highly trained group of military armed men and women came in freed us from our captivity. And after I had been released Freed along with my friends or others I realize that I could’ve freed myself I could’ve freed others, but instead I just tolerated the situation, subsisted  and tolerated the situation of being imprisoned, literally held against my will. But I really was my own choosing all this talent all the spring, all this education and yet I did not free myself. 

Lesson Learned: Most valued thing to consider is:

How often in life are we voluntary victims to a prison-like situation, while we have the ability to leave but we are totally not in tune with just trying to use our talent  and ability to break free.


  • Preconceived ideas shield our minds from the truth. Silence them with the word, discover the power given to you daily.
  • Fear and doubt erode our self confidence, they affect our faith and ought to be faced with the word of God, and prayer. 
  • Just because you fall doesn’t mean you were meant to stay down. Get up, or get someone to help you up if you lack the strength, dust yourself off and get on your way.


Your self talk is of outmost importance. From this day forward. I will focus 10 minutes daily on improving my mind and what I dwell on. I will read this statement in the morning and when I get ready to go to sleep.

  1. I will live intentionally and will visualize achieving my daily goals and dreams. 
  2. I will give my full attention to accomplishing my daily work assignments and complete them with a cheerful and positive attitude.
  3. Get up and on your way.
  4. I am confident I am able and 
  5. I will get out of my own way!


Problems are only temporary inconveniences to test your metal, your determination, your self discipline and your faith. Smile and be grateful because a butterfly must use all its strength to break out of its cocoon to able to fly. Struggles make you stronger. So smile because there are better things in store for you!I challenge you to get out of your own way!


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