Savannah Georgia

Welcome to Savannah

The Charming City of Savannah is Born

The city was established with high ideals as a place for people to start a new life. The Colony of Savannah was born. It is nestled near the Savannah River where the city gets its name. It is inviting all to visit and to enjoy the Southern charm of Savannah, Georgia. You will find a welcoming beautiful city with so much to see and so many things to do. Savannah is a gem because it’s unique city plan is that of a city in Europe; a joy, a pleasant and beautiful place, full of wonderful things to do, places to see and exciting experiences to enjoy. The British Colony of Savannah was founded in 1733, by order of the British King George III, the Establish as a buffer zone of the state of South Carolina, to prevent the Spanish advance in what is now of Florida.

Commerce and Economic Impact

The cost of living in Savannah is 10 % less than the National average. Savannah is the second most expensive city in Georgia. The city of Savannah is the second most expensive city in the state of Georgia to live sits on the River Savannah River it’s quite a sight to see I recommend it The city of Savannah is the second most expensive city in the state of Georgia to live sits on the River Savannah River it’s quite a sight to see I recommend it. Savannah is open for business and offers incentives for every job created. According to the city’s website Savannah has a workforce of over 430,000. The Savannah Economic Developed Agency has a well developed system to promote the city as a location to establish a business.

Statue of General James Edward Oglethorpe located in Forsyth Park

Savannah was founded by General James Edward Oglethorpe as a place for new start for English working poor and to serve as a place to increase trade. The charter initially didn’t allow slaves, no lawyers, no Jews and no rum. The charter was later changed to allow Jews, lawyers, slaves and rum. Perhaps General Oglethorpe was ahead of his time, once in a while we all deserve a chance to “ start over.” One fun fact about Savannah, according to our tour guide, while in Savannah is that if a landlord or a tenant opens the gate, it’s an invitation to come in. And upon being greeted you will be asked “What would you like to drink?” Isn’t that charming hospitality at its finest?

Revolutionary War Battle of Savannah October 9, 1779

The British formed a blockade at the port of Savannah and the Americans wanted to take it back. Savannah was the site of one of the most devastating losses to the colonists during the Revolutionary war. It occurred on October 9th, 1779. The British outnumbered the American colonists and were well prepared for the engagement which took place on that dreadful day. It is rumored that the British were warned about the upcoming assault by several deserters days prior to the battle. The battle took place in Spring Hill Redoubt where the Loyalists and a contingent of over 5,000 battle hardened British troops were assembled for the Battle. The morning of the battle the Americans and the French soldiers were guided by American colonists and became lost during their trek through marshland caused a delayed the start of the battle. The object of surprise was lost as the fog lifted and when the Americans and the French bravely made several charges unsuccessful towards the British forces, they were fired their Cannons upon them filled with chains, nails and scrap metal as well Artillery ammunition, and Muskets caused maximum level of carnage. It was a scene of a bloody battle which caused the retreat of the French and Colonists. The most notable was the 700 strong Haitians who protected the retreat of the Americans and the French soldiers protected the wounded and those who were previously wounded from being Bayoneted by the British. The battle lasted just over an hour and when it was over, between 1,000 and 1,200 French were dead. General Casimir Pulaski was wounded during the battle and died that same day. General Pulaski was the highest ranking officer killed in action during the Revolutionary War. Below is a picture of the Statue honoring General Pulaski.

Diversity and Inclusion

The city of Savannah has had a visible and thriving Jewish community in the city. Congregation Mickve Israel was founded in 1733 and is the 3rd oldest Temple in the U.S. Below is a monument erected in honor of General James Edward Oglethorpe. On the other side of the monument are named. You can learn more by going to the Savannah Jewish Archives at

McCormick Temple was Built in 1820

The King – Tisdale Cottage The First Savannah Black History Museum

History and pride

The Civil War

A interesting fact about Savannah is that its leaders surrendered the city and successfully negotiated with General Sherman not to burn down the city. General Sherman was a guest in the home shown below. One could only imagine the devastation of Sherman’s Troops setting the city and any nearby Plantations ablaze. Savannah was sparred and so much of its history has been preserved.

Savannah a beautiful city with a history of hospitality and commerce has its own African American Museum.

Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration

Savannah hosts the largest Saint Patrick’s celebration south of New York City. For next year 2023, the celebration is scheduled from 14 through 19th of March. The celebration last 3 days and is said to be one of the most profitable celebration for local businesses. At a glance, Savannah has over 227 Hotels, not counting Air B and B’s.

One of The Most Infamous Homes in Savannah

Located at 1424 Bill Street in Marietta Square.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The city of Savannah is the setting for the book and movie about the homicide which took place in the Williams Mercer house pictured below. Johnny Williams a conservationist and owner the Williams Mercer when he allegedly murdered his lover Danny Hansford. The charming city was rocked by the scandal which seemed to never end. People come to see the house from places far a wide. This beautiful property was built from 1860 to 1868 and has over 7,000 square feet and has 3 floors. This property is now a Museum and its available for tours. So much art and care went into building this beautiful building.

Williams Mercer Museum previously owned by songwriter and Singer Johnny Mercer Moon River

Forsyth Park The Center Piece of Savannah

Forsyth Fountain

Forsyth Park named after John Forsyth the 33rd Governor of the state of Georgia. former U.S. Senator, and bedrock of the state of Georgia. The park has 30 acres and is the perfect site for weddings and pictures.


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