Do You Want One Cookie Now Or Two Cookies Later?

By Raul Dinzey October 31, 2022

The Magic of Waiting   “Compound Interest”

One day a grandfather decided to share some of his knowledge with his grandchildren and as he thought about how he could make the lesson valuable and worthwhile for the children. He thought long and hard, and then he asked himself, “what is one thing that my grandchildren really like?” And then he remembered! Yes he thought, I will get something sweet for the children! He said.

How about if I make it double sweet? What is better than one cookie? Two cookies! Yes! I think I am ready to see the grandchildren and spend some time with them and, yes, give them something sweet! Grandpa thought long and hard, and decided to play a game with the children that thought them how to multiply what they will receive by simply, well, by waiting for it to grow a little bit longer. Boys and girls grandpa said, there is this little magical thing called “Compound Interest” which is when your money doubles by accumulating interest. What is compound interest? Compound interest is when you put your money in a special account that pays you interest. Interest is the cost you get rewarded by an investor for all you to use your money. your money makes you money.

Grandpa Speaks With The Children 

Grandpa smiles and begins to speak. It’s so good to see you boys are girls! I am so glad to tell you… I have a special treat for you today! If you pay attention and play this game with you, you will have a chance to get a second treat! He smiles. The children are excited and are looking forward to getting a treat… Grandpa starts speaking while allowing the children to see their reward. It was a platter full of cookies. All smiles and everyone was anticipating the cookies.

Why Does Waiting Pay Off?

Dear reader, this is as real as it gets…When we learn how to play this game, the more cookies(money, cars, fun and worthwhile activities to you) that you will be able to enjoy later. I know, I know, we all want it now! The car, the house, the dress, the vacation. Why wait, when it’s the best time right now? Well, can you pay off the entire bill when it comes due? Why not? Oh, could it be that you can’t afford it? Do you think that maybe you can go off season when it’s cheaper? Oh, I see you don’t want your friends to think that you may be broke? “ To thy own self be true Delayed gratification what a wonderful word! So what exactly does delayed notification mean boys and girls? Well delayed gratification means that if you are patient and are willing to wait instead of getting one cookie you could have two cookies. Isn’t that wonderful? No for adults, delayed gratification pays off as well as children. When we manage my finances and we put off rather delay rewards, we can have more instead of less. So I’m talking about money yes money. When we save our money for vacation, instead of putting it on a credit card, we are actually able to save having to pay fees and interest in whatever. Now I realize that vacation looks very alluring and it would be nice to go right away, but if you just delay just a little bit and take a vantage of compound interest in this little thing company interest want to talk a lot about that. Don’t you wanna know how to make money make money for you? Isn’t it wonderful how are you can start something and then he can do other things without you.

The Rule of 72

Is the rule that was invented by Albert Einstein and it is used to determine how quickly it will take your money invested to double. If you’re receiving 6 percent on your investment, 72 divided into 6 equals 12 years. It would take 12 years for your money to double. If you are getting a 3 percent return, 72 divided into 3 percent is 24. It would take 24 years for your money to double. There is a saying “ those who know the rule of 72 use it. Those who don’t know the rule of 72 pay it.” If you are paying 26 percent on a credit card, if you only pay the minimum payment, the base amount you owed divided into 16 is 4.5 so the principle would double in 4.5 years.

Call To Action – Do the 30 Day Challenge

Hey let’s try something out together – Let’s write down everything that we need in advance and set a limit of how much money is the most that you can spend while saving 10 percent? Dude, don’t you know that the price of everything is going up like crazy? Yes. Now Let’s check out the last 30 days of fast food expenses and Coffee and movies, and you know, all those subscriptions that are costing you money? Let’s keep it simple. We have to start with a positive attitude. We can do this! Put your money to work for you, instead of you working for money.

In Conclusion 

Grandpa got all the children together in front of many cookies and asked the children “ is it better to have two cookies instead of one? You can have more of the things you like, such as cookies, earrings, watches too, by practicing delayed gratification. If you just wait just a little bit, your money will work hard for you and you will be able to enjoy two cookies later instead of just one now because that’s all that you can afford.

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